SMOKE ‘n’ AIR ‘n’ FIRE – With Keith Lewis

“SENSITIVE NEW AGE KILLER” is a classic example of the application of special effects that may be used not only in films, but also stage and theatrical productions.

For the aspiring special effect person we strongly recommend that seeing this film is a must.

Nearly every type of popular pyrotechnic effect was used in the making of this film with special emphasis being given to safety of all persons and property whilst they were being used and implemented.

With use of the pyrotechnic effects which are used in extremely close proximity to people and property in the making of this film, particular consideration was given in respect to the size, selection of the effect to be used, quantity, percussion and noise impact whilst at the same time not compromising the desired impact which was to be created.

Paul is to be complimented on the high standard of professionalism which he invoked in the making of the film as there was tremendous pressure placed on him in undertaking to conduct an effect which was aimed at creating a visual impact which may have endangered cast or crew and to which Paul did not succumb.

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