Looking down the barrell #64

By Keith Lewis

“A Decade Later Pyrotechnics & Fireworks Operators are in demand “

Hello all ‘Stage Whisper’ readers, many of you may be reading this column which is now reappearing a decade later, since #63 was last published in 2000 or you may be reading this column for the first time in which case ‘enjoy’.

The changes that have since been implemented and initiated under the legislative regulations governing the use and application of Pyrotechnics / Fireworks and/or Special Effects have had wide and far reaching impact on the Stage & Theatrical industry, with the introduction of a huge number of amendments to the original Regulations that came into effect in the year 2000 in the issuing of licenses to persons wishing to use Pyrotechnic effects.

Existing regulations are currently under review for amendment and tabling before parliament for revision next month including the cancellation of One Day Licenses that have been available to users up until this year and which shall no longer be available, this includes the One Day License issued for the use of Chinese Fire Crackers which in the future will only be able to be discharged by a person with the appropriate endorsement on their license.

Once the draft of all the new criteria’s and amendments that Worksafe are seeking have been tabled we can look forward to the publication of the new Explosives Regulations which shall be hailed as the Bible within the industry.

With less than 200 (indoor/outdoor) fireworks licenses being held by persons in the entire State of Victoria there is a huge shortfall of competent operators available, this becomes super apparent at certain times of the year when there is a huge demand for operators Victoria wide.

With fines currently standing at ‘up to $40,000’ for the use of illegal (or misuse of legal) fireworks and/or pyrotechnic effects and redoubled efforts by Worksafe to eliminate rouges within the industry it is envisioned that there will be an even higher demand for operators as Worksafe is currently prosecuting undesirables that are currently in the industry and holding licenses, which will lead to further licenses being cancelled.

As an accredited Worksafe provider and Assessor I am inundated with applications from people seeking to enrol in our courses and obtain a Pyrotechnicians License, subsequently in an effort to ensure that only persons having a bona fide reason for obtaining a license are accepted into our courses we are very selective and carefully screen every lodged application to verify their acceptability/.

If you would like any further information relating to the use and application of fireworks/pyrotechnics for any event / occasion / stage / film / TV / wedding / performance / religious / community /corporate etc. and/or what is available, you may contact us with your question.

‘ Remember those famous words that were once uttered by Guy Fawkes “One Flash and You’re Ash”


With Keith Lewis

Pyrotechnics * Special Effects * Light * Sound * Stage/Structure * Rigging * Production

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