11 YEARS DOWN THE TRACK the last publication “DANGEROUS GOODS (EXPLOSIVES) REGULATIONS 2011” is now available having undergone some major changes, alteration and amendments superseding “DANGEROUS GOODS (EXPLOSIVES) REGULATIONS 2000” the new Regulations became effective on the 11th. July, 2011 and replaced the previous Regulations.

Having read through the proposed changes, it is obvious that the – Explosives Regulatory Package which has been prepared by the Strategic Policy & Research Branch of the Victorian Workcover Authority headed by Mr. Michael Little (Chairperson) in conjunction with Luminico Pty. Ltd. the strategic reform consultants who invited stakeholders to be involved and formed the Focus Group for Fireworks who had the opportunity of attending and discussing their problems with the current regulations, so that these problems could be considered in a regulatory review process, have worked painstakingly and tirelessly in putting together long overdue amendments to the acts. As a result of the meetings and discussions which where subsequently held over the past year a publication of the Proposed Dangerous Goods (Explosives) Regulations 2000 – Draft Regulations has been prepared, published and distributed for public comment the outcome which shall be revealed at a public information seminar which is to be held on the morning of Wednesday 17th. May. 2000 in Melbourne. Any interested persons who have specific requirements for the use of pyrotechnics (stage and/or theatrical) and/or fireworks are advised to contact the Government Printers with a view of obtaining a copy of the publication as soon as it becomes available. I can say without reservation that the implementation of the new regulations means that a much tighter control governing the use and application of pyrotechnic/firework effects by licensed Pyrotechnicians will now be able to be maintained by the regulatory authorities. New and more sweeping powers to prosecute will be given to the authorities which shall enable them to issue warrants against any person flaunting the law and the guarantee of far more substantial penalties being invoked on anyone found guilty of violation of the act shall see the exit of many irresponsible operators. With a new and better licensing system being implemented we shall see the demise of many D.I.Y backyard operators making way for the more professional person who has undertaken the necessary and required training to conduct events safely. Any person wishing to enrol and participate in a Victorian based course, which is presented in Melbourne will have to register their expression of interest for consideration to participate in courses being presented in the near future.

Further information: Crack-A-Jack Fireworks (Australia), 390 St Kilda Rd., St Kilda 3182 Keith Lewis – Tel: (03) 9525 4316 Email: keith@crack-a-jack.com.au

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