Australia is once again being recognized as the “Hollywood” of the world, with the last few years spawning an incredible range of productions and attracting many of the worlds most famous and leading international stars.

A recent release of a locally made film, which was shot on an incredibly low budget “Sensitive New Age Killer” starring an hitherto unknown actor (Paul Moder) who, I must mention is a past student of ours, having successfully completed the “Short Pyrotechnic Course” in 1955, graduating as one of the top in the class, Paul has proven the quote “Necessity is the mother of invention” with his innovative application of a wide and diverse selection of pyrotechnic special effects which have been effectively used and applied throughout the film.

As is often the case with any production which has little or no budget, multiple tasking is the agenda of the day and this film was no exception, in-as-much that Paul was not only the leading man but was also – Head Pyrotechnician – Armourer – Stunt Co-ordinator – Effects Designer – Pyro Co-ordinator & Safety Officer. The Director (Mark Savage) wanted a Hong Kong (John Woo) style of pyromania, action filled (Body Hits; Flames; Explosions; Mortar Blasts; Bullet Strikes and anything else) which typifies the current spate of action movies which are so successful in attracting the patrons into the queues leading into the box office.

Paul supplied all of this and more with this film, which almost fringes on the “over the top” with pyro effects but still leaves the viewers on the edge of their seats and enjoying the extravaganza of pyro’s which Paul has deployed in the shooting (no pun intended) of this movie.

For those that have not seen this film yet, it is recommended that you do so before it finishes as the pyrotechnic action shots are not so impressive on the small screen.

Paul is not a man to stand still and bath in the glory of the past, he is just winding up his latest film “Razor Eaters” which also has some spectacular pyro effects in it, look for this soon to be released film with one effect in particular that is guaranteed to leave you pressed back into your seat (I’m not saying any more).

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