Having extensive experience gained from many years of direct involvement with all types of Fireworks/Pyrotechnic Theatrical Fireworks / Film – T.V. and explosive based special effects our pyrotechnic experts have developed indoor displays with a wide range of venues and events in mind. Experience with events from small reception venues and expanding to the rod laver arena, you can be sure we will have the right solution for you.

We also offer unparalleled options of pyrotechnic effects that do not require permits / approvals or licensed operators to use, with a huge range of Nitrous Cellulose products to select from we can also create effects simulating cannon or Gun (Pistol/Rifle) etc. Muzzle Flashes. Mortar and/or Bomb explosion effects ranging from Seuss ‘ Cat In A Hat’ to Little Boy/Fatman ‘Atomic Bombs’ just a few of the hundreds of productions in which these effects are being used include ‘Phantom of the Opera’ – 1812 Overture (Cannon Firing) Dr. Seuss ‘Cat In A Hat’ – ‘Yellow Brick Road’ – ‘War & Peace’ – ‘Wicked’ and many more too numerous to list.

We have also expanded our product range to include Pyro-Magic Effects that are embraced by both amateur and professional Magicians and entertainers.

Sparking Flash Paper

Sparkle Flash paper is made up of flash paper and special powder. Almost no ash and no smoke when burning. The sparkle makes the magic shows more romantic and novel, with a special handicraft, we think that we have made something which is highly welcomed by magicians!


premium flashPremium Flash Paper

The star product of our company – Flash Paper, burns quickly and completely with bright flame; It ignites when touched by a lighter or match, no smoke and no ash left. With Flash Paper you can produce flames from your fingertips, great for coin magic or other close-up magic performance.

Flash Pads

Flash pads are made out of flash paper, but in a smaller size, burns quickly and complete without ash or smoke. They can easily be carried and convenient while using, especially perfect for several different magic effects, such as dove pans, flames from the air, flash pots etc.

Flash Notes

Flash bill is made out of flash paper. Printed on one side, you can’t identify in a distant whether it’s the real or fake one. Excellent for close-up magic, no smoke and ash left.
In addition, we can provide other flash bills according to your demands. Due to the difference of bills, we have different minimum quantity of an order and may need you to supply the image of the bill you want to buy.

Flash Cards

Flash cards are made from flash paper. We print the poker image on one side and make it look like ordinary card which you can’t identify from a distance. Excellent for close-up magic. We can provide other flash pokers according to your demands.

Flash Cigarettes

The flash cigarette is made out of flash cotton and flash paper, looks just like real cigarette, with scorch marks , but burn fast without any residue. You can really fool people with it through fire magic both in close-up and on stage, bringing a lot of fun with amazed audience.

Flash Flowers

Flash flower is one of our new products, It is made out of flash paper, burns quickly and completely with bright flame, When burning there is no smoke and no ash left.


Candle To Flame

Using  a red pen to draw a candle with flame on the plain paper. Showing the audience a Stainless Steel Clip ,Which is tied to a white rope.

The performer need to present another paper, using the Stainless Steel Clip to clip the paper. At this time, catching the top of the rope and getting the Stainless Steel Clip more and more closer to the drawing, all of a Sudden something is happening, the candle flame lights up the paper (clipped by clip), the flash paper disappears and the candle flame disappears … Wow, That is unbelievable.

Flash String

Flash Strings burns quickly and completely with a bright yellow flame and ignites by any source of heat.



Finger Smoke

Finger smoke is made out of  flash paper and one special material, if you are tired of using the flame of flash paper, we might suggest you to use this fantastic smoke product to show your audience a wonderful magic illusion.



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