It has now been over 55 years since the founder of the business ‘Keith Lewis’ having worked on many of the original Black & White TV shows eg. TV Ringside (Ron Casey who was handing the microphone up to the commentator ‘s at the time and whom broadcasted the fights from a plat-form suspended over the ring) * IMT – In Melbourne Tonight (Graham Kennedy & Bert Newton was always getting The Mickey taken out of him by Gra-Gra as everyone called Graham at the time) was a scratchy image on B/W TV still being viewed by those who at the time had a small 12” round T.V screen * The Lanky Yank’ (Don Lane ) Tonight Show the Don Lane Show and many other Pioneering shows that were being experimented with at the time.

After frequently hatching and implementing plots such as Exploding Drawers in the motorised desk that ‘Gra’ used to drive around the studio during the show to Blowing up Jugs of Water / Exploding Chairs when people sat down to meticulously presented food dishes exploding from the middle of the table as people were about to be served from them, Keith saw the potential for some of these effects to be introduced to the more daring Public which took about another 25 years before they embraced these antics as sought after attraction and which are now used and applied in every form of entertainment ranging from Birthdays to Funerals.

Keith is recognised as both the master and innovative brains behind any and every required ef-fect from X-ploding Cakes to casting deceased ashes over the sky (being dispersed from a Star Shell) with 1000’s of Wedding / Birthdays / Product Launches / TV / School (Fetes and Produc-tions) including Stage & Theatrical shows King Kong * Phantom of the Opera * Into the Woods * War Horse * Spicks & Specks * Dancing with the Stars and 100’s more to numerous to list they all share the same things in common eg. Memorability – Originality – Spectacle – Brilliance – Excitement – or in other words, just simply ’The WOW Factor’.

What more original or better way to Propose than to do it with Fireworks or Farewell (Your Final Moment on earth) with your family firing your Ashes Heavenward and dispersing them with a fi-nal explosive blast being toasted off with a glass of fine champagne.

With names like * Lexus * BMW * Toyota * Mercedes Benz * Porsche * GMH * Ford * Moet-Hennessy under our belt for product launches, what more can we say?

As a personal friend, a target of his mischief and an understudy, I, Richard Lim, I am continuing the tradition of providing innovative and exciting new ways to use pyrotechnics and special effects in the industry.

Contact us today to enhance your event with pyrotechnics!

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