Electronic Dancing Flames which we have only recently released into the public domain, have been embraced by everyone that has had the opportunity of using them.

Ranging through T.V. / Stage / Theatrical / Weddings / Birthdays & Corporate events, they not only add an incredible ’WOW’ factor to the nights activities but best of all they do not require to be Pressurised Gas Container compliant and as such do not require any special ’Dangerous Goods Storage’ ‘Special PLI Insurance’ nor do they require ’Licensed Operators’ to use, although they are real Flames & have to be treated with all care & accord required to ensure safety.


Using an exclusively formulated product which is not Gas, LPG, or Diesel it ignites only when instructed to as there is no pilot flame that normally remains burning once initial ignition has occurred and does not exude smell and/or leave any residual product on surface areas after use.

These unique devices incorporate all features not normally found with such effects, having been designed to ensure optimum safety, reliability, economy and spectacular visual presentation.

With a selection of Flame colours including Natural, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green the flames actuate precisely on command and can be addressed vie a DMX Controller that music actuates to the tempo and beat of the music.

Visit our Gallery and see some of the variations as the flames dance to the beat of the music with variations of short 1 second bursts giving a ‘Fireball’ effect to continuous elegant tapered flames.

Continuous R&D means that features are constantly enabling a wider, more diversified and flexible application of these devices in the future, with the current capacity to run up to 20 units, simultaneously off a single household GPO think of the capacity that may be used in larger venues.

With the festive season just around the corner we already have numerous bookings for much of our stock, so if you are interested, intrigued, fascinated, mesmerised our just outright curious ’Talk To Us Now’.

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