The Safe, Simulated Fireworks Effects
No licenses, permits, operators or additional insurance required.

Safe, Simple, Spectacular, Affordably Economical and best of all can be used safely by
anyone (no age restriction) inside or outside, for any occasion.

When it’s the WOW factor that you want, to ensure that your next Function, Event, Production, Film, T.V., Awards, Birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Fund Raiser, Christening is “Forever Memorable” there are only two options available to guarantee that this happens. We have both of them and this is the only, other alternative when Fireworks or Pyrotechnic effects cannot be used due to economic or safety reasons. Airotechnics ® are not only safe and affordable but, are environmentally friendly for outdoor application being bio de-gradable and are flame retardant for indoor use, being easy to clean up after use makes them acceptable at most venues where confetti, rice and other products are banned.

Our company is proud to be the leader, having introduced air launched products into Australia over 12 years ago, we are now recognized as not only being the founders but are foremost providers to such memorable events as “Introduction B & W T.V.”
* “Graham Kennedy Show” * “Steve Vizzard” * “The Logie’s Awards” * “AFL” * “Gran Prix” * “Concept Blue” * “Moomba” * “Ever-ready Fun Run” * “Transfield – Launch of Aust. Battleships” * “Chanukah In The Park” * “Mardi Gras” * “My Restaurant Rules” * Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” * “Phantom Of The Opera” * “Davis Cup” and 1000’s of private and corporate events and functions worldwide.

No matter what your budget, celebration or occasion come in or give us a call and discuss your requirements with us, our expertise will assist you in making your next ? “Forever Memorable”. We will be happy to assist you with a no obligation, free consultation showing you how to have the “WOW” factor injected into event, indelibly engraving the Memory of the spectacle into your guests, audience or spectators minds forever.

Let our expert knowledge help you with your arrangements for the Choreography and Orchestration of your next event:- Free. (Ring now).

Experience the: THRILL, EXCITEMENT, BUZZ, WOW, SURGE, SPECTACLE, OOH’S & AHH’, GOSH and GEE as the knife enters the cake and all of a sudden there is an eruption of hearts, doves and butterfly shapes cascading into the air and spilling over the recipient or the visual impact made as the award or diploma is handed over, the bridal couple dancing to the music, the universal sucking in of the breath as this moment is captured forever by everyone in attendance.

Don’t be fooled or duped by the other suppliers who may say that they are using the original Airotechnic ®, ask to see certificates of compliance and safety issued by the relevant authorities in Australia.

Representation that it is our product may not necessarily be the case, if in doubt, feel free to contact us and enquire accordingly, we will be prepared to endorse anyone using and applying our ® Airotechnic products.

AUSTRALIAN designed and manufactured to meet AS compliances, our range of “Airotechnic”® Airostreamerfetti Launchers are the only product in Australia submitted to and approved by the Victorian Police Authority for exclusion and use under the firearms act, engineered and incorporating safety features not found in any other manufacturers products making them not only safe in the domestic market place but ideally suited for professional and/or corporate application where public safety is of paramount importance.

28 Years ago Keith Lewis founded a ‘New’ Concept of entertainment presentation introducing a ‘Simulated Fireworks’ presentation that incorporated all of the visual spectacle and excitement of Fireworks, without the dangers and hazards that are associatedwith pyrotechnic devices.

This was the birth of ‘Airotechnics’ The simple safe simulated fireworks effects that couldbe used by anyone, anywhere, at any location – No Risk – No special insurance & Safe.

Over the past 28 years ‘Airotechnics’ has become synonymous with entertainment, ranging through the original Black & White T.V. Days of Graham Kennedy to the current day production of such shows as ’Wicked’ Dancing With The Stars ’ Spicks & Specks’ and too many private (Engagements / birthdays / weddings / christenings / funerals)
Corporate (Launches / promotions / presentations / awards) Stage and Theatrical events to be able to list.

Constant research and development enables ‘Airotechnics’ to offer the largest range of devices (suited for any and every occasion or event) Australia wide. With Palm held ‘Derringer’ “Phantom Wands” Airo Pistol ‘Airo Simulated Fireworks Cannon’ “Indoor/Outdoor Airocannons” Volcanos ’Supa shots’ “Festive Party Launchers” and many more.

Never being content with seeing copy-cat emulators who aspired to ride on ’Airotechnics’ success we have maintained leadership in the industry with an unimaginable range of carefully developed products that include; Paper that is Bio-degradable, Water Soluble, Environmentally Friendly, Colour fast, in every conceivable shape and pattern with over 30 colours to select from, Mylar in Silver and Gold Metallic Reflective, shapes that have to be seen to be believed eg. Airofetti / Turbofetti / Spiralfetti / Snowfetti / Rainbowfetti / Streamerfetti and our revolutionary ‘New’ Advertising Banner Parashooterfetti.

As Australia’s leading exponent of this incredible range of products which we compliment with our unrivalled free advisory service, that enable you to ring, email or fax us with any project that you may be contemplating now or in the future, we freely advise without putting you under any obligation what will best meet your requirements.

The best part of dealing with us is that not only do we offer the best, but, we consider budgetary constraints and tailor the selection to fit your comfort zone. With our huge selection ranging through ‘Gala’ to ‘Discreet’ we have a model that will meet your requirements and more importantly will meet your expectations.

We are standing by on our ‘Hotline’ 24/7 waiting to assist you.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this information and giving us the opportunity of offering our services.

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