Crack A Jack in association with AudioVisual & FX  is a company that is dedicated to providing excellence in the art of special effects, we have become a name recognized and associated with spectacle and brilliance in the production and presentation of Stage, Film, Major Events and firework displays

Having established a reputation as a leader in the State Of The Arts world of entertainment, AVFX expanded their fields of operation from stage & theatrical pyrotechnics to encompass the challenging area of outdoor fireworks, over the past 15 years has grown and is now recognized as one of the leading and most sought after firework companies in Australia.

As a supplier to many stage, theatrical, film, T.V., and major events produced and held Australia wide AVFX were frequently asked to provide services outside those that they were providing.

Experiencing an unprecedented growth due to bringing and presenting a new dimension in firework displays by incorporating new, novel and a vibrant range of products together in single shows, we have recently been forced to once again expand.

CRACK A JACK FIREWORKS has introduced new and refreshing dimensions to firework displays, incorporating and applying the skills and knowledge accrued over the many years of experience in the entertainment industry.

Fireworks are no longer a medley of crackers, sky rockets and fountains being tossed into the air at random but, are now, carefully orchestrated and choreographed displays of aerial artistry, blending together brilliance, excitement, color, spectacle, sound and smell which extends beyond the age old presentation brought to you by a traditionally tired and worn out concepts based on the belief that “if it goes bang or flashes” it is a show.

We would be pleased to be given the opportunity of submitting a proposal, offering you an innovative, unique, exciting and spectacular production making the event a truly “memorable occasion” talked about long after the show is over.

Should you have any further questions please click here to contact us.

Daytime Firework Displays – Domestic Fireworks

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