Fire, Smoke ‘n’ Air

“Pyrotechnic Stage Effects” are once again under the gun from the authorities with the issue of “One Day Licenses” no longer being available, this means that the use and application of pyrotechnic stage effects can now only be conducted by a duly licensed Pyrotechnician with the appropriate endorsement for ‘Indoor Fireworks’.

We are constantly being contacted by a wide variety of organisations ranging through schools, repertory theatres, production companies and event organisers seeking ‘Theatrical Pyrotechnics’ to enhance or create additional impact to their presentations.

This year precedes the implementation of revised legislation that will be introduced under the Dangerous Goods Explosives Regulations that were last revised in the year 2000.

It is unfortunate that the cost of stage pyrotechnics (which in themselves are not expensive) but after all ancillary costs and charges are factored in eg. Fireworks Public Liability Insurance, Dangerous Goods Transportation, SWM’s, MSDS’s, Risk Assess., Storage, Permission From Venue Management, Preparation of all necessary associated equipment ranging through; Fireworks, Hardware (Mortars / Firing Systems / Wiring / 1st. Aid / Fire Fighting / PPE and notifications to relevant authorities together with up to 21 days advance notification having to be lodged prior to the conduct of Indoor Pyrotechnics if approved under the ‘New’ proposed recommendations by Worksafe all contribute to the demise of Pyro’s being used in smaller productions.

The demand for people with the required licenses, skills, competencies, knowledge of available effects and where they can be applied has increased due to the small number of available licensed Pyrotechnicians in the State of Victoria.

With limited opportunity to enter into this field, we are inundated with applications wishing enrol into the training courses that we conduct for the purposes of obtaining a licence, particularly in view of the licensing process becoming a lot more difficult next year when the new regulations shall come into effect.

For those thinking about entering this field of activities immediate consideration mut be given in obtaining a license before the ‘Doors close’, ‘ The Jumping Bar is Lifted’ and the ‘Goal Posts are brought closer together.

Remember that the adage ‘ One Flash and Your Ash’ is not without meaning.

We welcome questions relating to this exciting field of activities and if you require further information feel free to contact the author.

Keith Lewis
Crack-A-Jack Fireworks (Australia)

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