Do you know your legal obligations?

Legal obligations

Are you the: Owner – Director – Proprietor – Lessee – Partner – Manager – Event Co-ordinator involved in a business or have premises that have permitted or allowed Pyrotechnics / Fireworks / Crackers of any size and/or type to be used on your premises for any type of function or event?

Did you know?

That in the advent of an accident occasioning Injury / Damage / Inconvenience / Interruption to the nights activities to yourself or your client and that you may not only be charged under the criminal code but also pursued for losses incurred to your client as a result under Common Law.
You may be found guilty and prosecuted accordingly if you have not established:

” The Bona Fides of the Company / Business/ Individual providing the product and services;
” The Provider holds the current Licenses necessary to conduct the activities being provided;
” The products being used are legal and approved for these purposes in the State of Victoria;
” If being used Indoors that the product has appropriate MSD’s;
” The provider provides evidentiary proof of competency & training in advent of emergency;
” All relevant emergency safety equipment is being provided and operated by provider in advent of emergency;
” You have received an appropriate Risk assessment;
” Safe Working Practices are being met and complied with;
” All Permits, Licenses and Approvals to all required authorities (Worksafe / Police / Council / Fire Authority) and others that may be required have been complied with and issued;
” That all relevant (Mandatory: Worksafe/Council/Police/Fire) Authorities have been officially notified by way of Official documentation;

You Have A Duty Of Care

1. To establish the credibility of the provider (past & current history);
2. The competency of the provider;
3. That the provider holds sufficient (PLI) Public Liability Insurance cover (min, $10 m. – Recommended $20 m);
4. Insurance underwriters are reputable listed providers in Australia eg. Lloyds / Liberty etc.
5. That PLI is current;
6. The provider is not sub-contracting (under Insurance requirements, sub-contracting is not permitted and provided insurance is null and void if so done);

If you have any doubts or wish to confirm the accuracy and veracity of the information herein contained, we suggest that you confer with you own Insurance Broker.

We are pleased to advise that our advisory line is open and available to you without obligation if you have any questions or require further information.

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